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Our Juicy Fall Tradition


Our Roots

From a young age Alex and Morgan Richert had the blessing to work on our family’s apple and cherry orchard in Ludington, Michigan.

After our family moved to Warroad Minnesota in 2007 we missed the Fall apple harvest and decided to bring our favorite varieties back with us to share with friends in the small town community.

Word of the fresh Honeycrisp apples spread around the area and soon we found ourselves needing to bring a whole semi-load to share with all the happy customers!

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The College Years

During college we began bringing the Honeycrisp apples to the UND and NDSU college towns of Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota. Morgan married a Rolla, ND small town software guy Nathan Joraanstad and Alex fell for a Thief River Falls beauty queen Bailey Sorvig.


Nathan and Alex became close friends and began planning growth for the “apple business” each season. Through a lot of hard work and difficult lessons along the way the apple business is now moving LOTS AND LOTS of fresh apples each season across the entire state of North Dakota and across much of the North-West Minnesota region.

2024 and Beyond

Our goal is to eventually bring all of our farm’s fresh apples directly to YOU, the consumer! Bringing apples directly to the consumer keeps the costs low and also ensures you get the apples as fresh as possible.

You can pre-order in the late summer for farm fresh Honeycrisp apples and have them delivered to your hometown in late September. Apples come straight from the orchard and always arrive within days of being picked without being held in cold storage and without wax.

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