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Enjoy fruit fresh off the tree.


The Problem

People are growing tired of grocery store apple quality and prices. Typical grocery stores markup waxy apples 150-200%. These apples have been in cold storage for up to 9-12 months or longer! Most people have accepted the fact that grocery store fruit is as good as it gets.

Being an Apple, Cherry and other fresh fruit grower, we've seen the problem in the industry and are tackling it head on.


Picked and Delivered Fresh

Our apples are hand picked from our orchard in Ludington Michigan. They immediately are sent to your local pickup location within 1-2 days of being picked.

We allow customers to hand select the apples at the apple stand or pickup a pre-packed box.

Apples can also be shipped fresh directly from our farm to your home.

No Wax, Low Prices & Fresh Guaranteed! 

Experience an Apple Fresh off the Tree

If you’ve never had a fresh Honeycrisp apple right off the tree try us out and see what you have been missing! The taste will be remarkably sweeter, juicier, and crisper than what you've grown used to.

We delivery to many cities across Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. We hope you'll try us out this season.


The best apple you've every had!

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